GOP Nannies

Yeah we have em....and here in Utah.  I preface this post by saying that I am an ex-smoker and was hard core about not letting anyone smoke in the house when the Junior Logician was growing up.

The Nannies in the Utah Senate have done it.  They passed a bill that would take away the property rights of people engaging in a LEGAL activity.  I refer to HB13 - the bill that makes smoking in your personal vehicle illegal if there are children in the car.  Senate sponsor (and Patrick Henry Caucus SECRETARY) Aaron Osmond said of the bill...

Sen. Aaron Osmond, R-South Jordan, said HB13 put the health of a child ahead of the personal property rights of a parent.

Hey Senator Osmond - question for ya....suppose that someone uses that argument to ban parents from their 2nd Amendment rights to own a gun?  Would you be all for it then?  Somehow, I suspect not.

Sen. Brian Shiozawa, who campaigned hard against the Affordable Care Act said...

Sen. Brian Shiozawa, R-Cottonwood Heights, an emergency-room physician, said he doesn’t want people coming into his home, either, but cigarette smoke inside a car poses a serious risk to children.

"I stand also for individual liberties, responsible individual liberties," he said. "But there are times that interventions need to be made for and on behalf of children."

The problem is a lot of folks used that VERY ARGUMENT to advocate for the ACA that he campaigned against!

A couple of other self described conservative stalwarts, Steve Urquhart, Lyle Hillyard and John Valentine also voted to infringe the rights of smokers.

The issue of smoking is one of those issues where politicians attempt to have it both ways.  They want to be politically correct and show how much they care by legislating away smokers ability to smoke and then turn around and tax it for government income.

Here is my challenge to Senators Osmond, Hillyard, Shiozawa, Urquhart and Valentine.  If you all think smoking is that harmful - BAN IT OUTRIGHT!  Stand by those "principles" and make it completely illegal to sell a pack of cigarettes in the state of Utah. 

I know it will never happen though....they are too addicted to the tax dollars that smoking brings in.  COWARDS.

Written by LL.

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