Oh Really Mr. President?????

So life has kept me too busy to post the last couple of weeks - which is a pity.  It is a target rich environment.  But I simply had to make time for some of  the things that have happened in light of the attacks on the US Embassies around the Arab world.

President Obama, in remarks made after the murder of the US Ambassador to Libya had this to say.

Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths.  We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.

He said this about a video, made by a private citizen, that his State Department claimed was the reason for the attacks.  But if that is the case Mr. President why have you not spoken out against the following people:

Andreas Serrano - artist and creator of "Piss Christ" a 1987 photograph of a crucifix in a jar of urine - which by the way is making an artistic return this month in New York City (no word on whether he is brave enough to do a "Piss Mohammed" piece).

Chris Ofili - artist and creator of "The Holy Virgin Mary" a depiction of the Madonna surrounded by pictures of female genitalia and elephant dung.

Enrique Chagoya - a professor of art and painter from Stanford University whose most "famous" work is an anti-Catholic piece depicting Christ engaging in a homosexual sex act.

ANY of the artists attached to  “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture” - a traveling art exhibit which is widely regarded as anti-Catholic.

Matt Parker and Trey Stone - creators of the Comedy Central hit show "South Park" a program that routinely denigrates ALL religions.

Bill Maher - self professed atheist who made a feature length movie denigrating Christianity and Islam.

Shoot just Google "Anti-Christian Art" and you get a whole slew of other options to choose from.

Three names above stand out - Parker and Stone for their wildly popular hit Broadway show "Book of Mormon - the Musical" which pokes fun at Mormonism - a religion that Parker and Stone were raised in and Maher who recently donated $1million to President Obama's re-election Super PAC.

The we have the entire Obama campaign (headed by David Axelrod) who have made sure to go out and push the whole Romney is "weird" because he's a Mormon campaign.  When is the President going to come out and condemn his campaign? 

Simply put - it is not that we don't "denigrate" religions, Mr. President.  This country has a long storied history of doing just that.  What it is, though, is we have a President who has been on a 4 year "apology tour" and this is just the latest stop.  In his mind, it is only wrong to denigrate Islam because many practitioners of that religion are just too juvenile and too sensitive to take a joke.   It's safe to denigrate Christians and Jews because they don't riot and kill people when you do.  They just whine a lot and then go back to doing what they were doing.

And that tells you all you need to know about the "guts" of this President.

Written by LL.