The Big Con

Yet more in the "I told you so" category......this one from a doctor.

Many promises were made to different groups to sell the new health care law to a skeptical public. Having watched the medical insurance games - government and private - for my whole career, I thought these promises were too good to be true.

What is coming to light now is like "The Big Con" that Robert Redford's character skillfully pulled off in the classic movie The Sting. Only the Pelosi-Reid-Obama trio forced through an even bigger "Sting" on the entire country, especially the very constituencies they promised their health care law would help.

While some may think that "The Big Con" is being a bit hyperbolic, Dr. Vliet lays out a good case why it is not.

One by one, the political promises fall like dominoes. The very groups that strongly supported government control of health care are now some of the ones getting stung badly. The effects are like a swarm of killer bees suddenly descending on the unsuspecting, stinging everyone in sight.

Our personal New Year's sting was a 22.5 percent jump in my husband's Medicare supplemental premium for the 2013 renewal. Reason: Obamacare regulations and mandates.

Then I received the notices for our employees' health insurance premiums: more premium increases - even though we have a high deductible, catastrophic illness-type plan to help keep costs affordable.

Next, the IRS projected premiums of $20,000 per year for a family of four. Affordable? For whom? This sting is a $3,000 to $5,000 increase instead of the promised $2,500 savings per year - a miscalculation of $5,500 to $7,500 for a family of four.

They are not the only ones in that shape.  My husband's employer offers what is considered a "Cadillac Plan" to their employees.  They still have not decided whether they are going to double our costs or whether they are going to drop it altogether and pay the fine.....and our combined income of under $100,000 is too high to qualify us for any of the "subsidies" to help people pay for their "affordable" health care.

Then there are the inevitable job or hour losses that came from the "affordable care" act....

Large national restaurant chains are cutting employees' hours because they cannot afford to pay the high health insurance premiums for "full-time" employees. How can the middle class make ends meet on part-time work?

That's what a lot of those employees are asking.  Any answers from my liberal friends?

Liberal groups that overwhelmingly supported Obamacare are also getting stung. Of course, these announcements came after the election, in which these constituent groups supported Obama in droves:

College students: Before Obamacare, young healthy college students paid average health insurance premiums that only cost $100-600 per year. Obamacare mandates mean that premiums are rising to $1,700 to $2,000 per year. In New Jersey, where health insurance is mandatory for college students, this is indeed a huge sting!

College faculty: At many universities, faculty hours are being cut back to less than 29 hours a week to avoid the costly Obamacare premiums.

Union members: the sting of Obamacare has come in many forms, so Big Labor is now seeking waivers for union members.

Smokers: Many who fell for Obama's promise of "free" or lower cost medical care are learning that their premiums will be 50 percent higher than nonsmokers - up to $4,250 dollars per year in excess costs for smokers age 55 and older.

Employers: Paying for all the Obamacare mandates in employer-provided health insurance adds $1.79 to the hourly rate to hire an employee. That's why many are not hiring.

Here is the biggest "I told you so" - because it turns out that I DID know (dealing with an elderly parent with chronic illness) what I was talking about....

Seniors: After the election, seniors are learning that all the promises of "no cutbacks" in their medical care were false.

Like every campaign promise this President has made, it came with a very SHORT shelf life....

The Senior Sting is especially ugly. One 80-year-old patient told me his heart medicine was no longer covered, "because I am too old now." Preventive services and cancer screenings for the older patients, such as prostate and breast cancer checks, are being cut to pay for "free" birth control pills. As of 2012, hospitals are paid more to provide fewer surgeries. Popular and lower cost Medicare Advantage plans are being cut back or eliminated.

Emphasis mine.....I told you that seniors would be denied treatment.....Paging Sarah Palin....

Then there is the Medicaid sting: States that are expanding Medicaid plan to cut payments to doctors and hospitals to about 56 percent of what private insurance companies pay. This means more patients lined up for fewer doctors and hospitals.

Just like I posted on yesterday....

And let's not forget the privacy sting. Your electronic health record will be used to decide what treatments you will be allowed. The IRS will be collecting expanded personal information about your income, habits and family to decide what to sting you on penalties.

Emphasis again mine.  And those deciding what treatments you get will NOT be you and your doctors....just sayin' again...

In short - old or young, black or white, liberal or conservative - once Obamacare was forced on patients across the country (except Congress and the President) - everyone has gotten The Sting - in the Biggest Con of all.

Congress and the President have stung us badly and what happened....the lot of them were re-elected.  What does that say about those that voted for them?

Written by LL.