Never Mind

Back in 2010, Democrats rallied around their President and overwhelming shoved ObamaCare down the throats of the American people who vehemently opposed the bill.  Many conservatives pointed out the various unenforceable parts of the bill (like the now repealed CLASS Act) and the MULTITUDE of job killing tax increases that were being put into place as a result of the bill.  The President, Democrat legislators and the media all rushed to assure that the things those stupipChicken Little Republicans were saying were never going to happen because "Dear Leader" said that it wouldn't happen.  Well now that some of these Senators who voted for ObamaCare (cough Amy Klobuchar cough) are up for re-election, and several thousand high paying jobs in the medical device industry have gone away in their states, now they are hell bent to overturn yet another provision of ObamaCare that they had assured us was going to be a good thing....the medical device tax.

My first post on was about the art of repealing Obamacare. The media scoffed at the many attempts House Republicans had made in this allegedly polarizing and fruitless endeavor, which was actually neither partisan nor futile:

    The fact is this is only the second vote on total repeal, the first one coming in January of 2011 after Americans elected a wave of 63 new Republicans to, you know, repeal ObamaCare. Both votes for full repeal, in 2011 and 2012, were more bipartisan than the vote to pass ObamaCare, with three and five Democrats crossing over to the Republican side, respectively. And, I know we all love when we can work together, across the aisle, to get things undone. Beyond that, many of the votes on the Washington Post’s list feature far more Democratic defectors to the anti-ObamaCare side than the other way around.

    The figure 33, of course, includes all sorts of bills that were only tangentially about ObamaCare repeal, or tweaked small parts of the bill, often with Democratic endorsement and votes. It includes several bills passed with hard-fought compromise later signed by Obama, like the debt-ceiling deal, and other bills that accomplished Obama’s legislative goals, such as the payroll tax cut extension bill.

Instead, the repeal process uncovered the many fiscal fictions that bolstered Obamacare’s passage, and led to repeal of at least two onerous and unworkable funding mechanisms—the CLASS Act and the 1099 reporting requirement.

Now, the medical device tax is up for reconsideration again by — wait for it— Republicans and Democrats, making for yet another repeal attempt that’s far more bipartisan than the original passing of Obamacare.

The new bill, sponsored by Erik Paulsen (R-MN3), has 180 co-sponsors.  Many of the names are not surprising...John Kline, Jason Chaffetz, Rob Bishop, Michele Bachmann...others are surprising only due to the utter hypocrisy of the legislator in question....especially people like Rep. Betty McCollum (DFL-MN4).  My friend Mitch Berg followed Rep. McCollum's Obamacare defenses over at Shot In The Dark because Rep. McCollum is his "representative".

If you go to The Hill's report on the new House bill you see that the Senate has it's own bi-partisan repeal bill.  The GOP author should not surprise's Orrin Hatch of Utah.  The Democrat co-sponsor....Minnesota's own Amy Klobuchar.  What makes Sen. Klobuchar's defection so amazing is how much she DENIED that the medical device tax would hurt jobs during the initial debate.  The pages of True North were full of reports of Klobuchar's denials of reality - that the medical device tax would hurt jobs.  One has to wonder what has prompted this "change of heart" of all these Democrats or if it is even a real change of heart.  Are they doing this out of political cowardice, expedience or out of naked dishonesty? 

President Obama, meanwhile, threatened to veto the previous Medical Device Tax repeal because of the way that Congress proposed to replace the money lost by the doing away with subsidies to big business....

The last attempted repeal of this tax earned a veto threat from President Obama over offsetting cuts added to the bill in committee. This bill does not yet include offsetting cuts, but may get them. The cuts Obama objected to so strenuously?

    Ways & Means attached language that would pay for ending the tax by requiring the government to recapture all overpayments of health insurance subsidies provided in the healthcare law. Under current law, only some of these overpayments must be returned to the government.

    Overpayments of the subsidies are anticipated because the subsidies are based on prior years’ income, and if it is discovered later that a family’s income increases, some repayment would be required.

Logical Lady Mary Katherine Ham asks....

Yes, why would we want to offset this onerous tax on small companies by not overpaying on subsidies, which one would think was already a basic tenet of responsible governance.

Especially given that the One threatening the veto is the same one who promised voters that he would not be the President of "big business" but President of the people.  I guess that campaign promise, like every other campaign promise the President has ever made, had a very VERY short shelf life.

Written by LL.