Well This Is A Shock

Paging Captain Louis Renault The media is shocked - SHOCKED I tell you to discover this....

In a final regulation issued Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assumed that under Obamacare the cheapest health insurance plan available in 2016 for a family will cost $20,000 for the year.

Under Obamacare, Americans will be required to buy health insurance or pay a penalty to the IRS.

The IRS's assumption that the cheapest plan for a family will cost $20,000 per year is found in examples the IRS gives to help people understand how to calculate the penalty they will need to pay the government if they do not buy a mandated health plan.

The examples point to families of four and families of five, both of which the IRS expects in its assumptions to pay a minimum of $20,000 per year for a bronze plan.

“The annual national average bronze plan premium for a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children) is $20,000,” the regulation says.

I mean no one could have guessed that a bill that was full of "to be determined laters" would not live up to it's promise, right?  Well, no one but every single conservative blogger under the sun (like yours truly) who actually read the bill before it passed.

So the "cheapest" tier plan (under ObamaCare) will cost a family of 4 MORE per month than the average "Cadillac Plan" ($1,700 vs $600) AND companies are not hiring because they can't afford to buy healthcare for new employees under ObamaCare AND taxes are going up across the board to PAY for ObamaCare someone needs to ask - just what is affordable about the "Affordable Care" Act?

I hate to say I told you so but......



Written by LL.