Bloody Murder

Priorities USA's most recent ad drew howls of outrage from the right (and rightly so I might add) for hinting that Mitt Romney's "policies" lead to the death (7 years after the fact) of the wife of a man who was laid off by a company that Bain acquired over a year after Mitt Romney left Bain.  Meanwhile back in DC, Erick Erickson brings up a more direct way where President Obama's policies (via Operation Fast and Furious) directly led to the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

First a recap of the Joe Soptic saga:

Mitt Romney and Bain Capital bought GST Steel at some point. Romney left day to day operations of Bain in 1999. Thereafter, Bain offered Joe Soptic a buy out and he refused. Eventually the steel plant went out of business and Joe went on the unemployment line. That happened in 2001.

In 2002 or 2003, Mrs. Soptic injured her rotator cuff and left her job. She lost her insurance. In 2006, she was diagnosed with cancer and died a few days later. It is a terrible tragedy that Mitt Romney had nothing to do with.

It seems Mr. Soptic chose poorly on the buy out offer, lost his job, and would prefer to blame Mitt Romney than anyone else. Priorities USA has set a new standard — Mitt Romney killed a woman, despite being removed from both time of death and decision making.

So Joe Soptic rolled the dice (choosing to stay at his job instead of taking an early buy out package) and lost.  Meanwhile, back along the southern US border....

We need far less than the convoluted logic of Priorities USA to conclude that Barack Obama is a murderer.

He is covered in Brian Terry’s blood.

Brian Terry was a border patrol agent.

Barack Obama’s Administration — while Obama was serving as President — started Operation Fast and Furious. An American fire arms dealer, working with the Obama Administration, sold a fire arm to a Mexican gun runner who took the gun into Mexico to use in the ongoing drug/civil war.

That gun came back across the border in the hands of someone who used it to kill Brian Terry.

There is a much more direct link between Barack Obama and Brian Terry’s murder than between Mitt Romney and Ilyona Soptic’s death from cancer.

Now before you go getting your undies in a bunch about calling the President a murder, take an analytical step back with Erickson.

If we are playing by Priorities USA’s rules, from here on out we can refer to Barack Obama as a murderer, considering his administration made the decisions that led to Brian Terry’s murder at a time period when Barack Obama was still on the job.

Which is what makes the Priorities USA ad all the more egregious.  There is no real direct link between Joe Soptic's wife's death and Mitt Romney - except for the link of political fear-mongering.  However, there is a DIRECT policy link between members of the Obama Administration and Brian Terry's death. 

Written by LL.