Zero Tolerance for Common Sense

Just when you thought that the "zero tolerance" mindlessness from schools could not possibly get worse, it does.

Three year old Hunter Spanjer’s parents have been told by Grand Island Preschool  to change the hand signal for their sons name in School.

According to NCN because the little boy’s hand gesture resembles that of a gun and the school say it is in violation of the school’s code of conduct.

The Nebraska school district that is making these demands has decided not to comment any further on the case, but human rights groups, have come to the defense of the little boy. 

Hunter is using the standard S.E.E., Signing Exact English when he is saying his name.

I took an American Sign Language (ASL) class many years ago.  A vast majority of the signs are specifically designed to be instantly recognizable to both hearing and non-hearing peoples, for very obvious (one would think) reasons.  So of course, little Hunter's ASL name is going to look like a gun....hunters use guns and you would think that someone in Nebraska would recognize that fact!

But this little kerfluffle hides a larger problem....the "hivemind" mentality of the education establishment.  Gone are the days when teachers were allowed to work with a child and his/her needs.  Now it is pound that square peg into that round quickly as possible.  Don't do what is best for the what is best for the school district and the unions...draw more money in. 

The video at the link above indicates that lawyers for the National Association for the Deaf are getting involved.  Hopefully saner minds within the Grand Island School District will have had time to weigh in and retract the dictat that little Hunter change his sign name.  If not, I hope that the people of Grand Island get themselves a NEW school that actually tempers their "power" with a little good old-fashioned common sense.

Written by LL.