Agendas At Work

Mother Jones is at it again.  This week they are running the breathless headline "GOP Rising Star Mia Love: "Anchor Baby"?"

When she spoke at the Republican National Convention last month, Mia Love, a GOP rising star who's vying to become the first black Republican woman elected to the House, wowed delegates with her parents' up-by-their-bootstraps tale. She said their story of coming to America from Haiti with $10 in their pockets formed the basis for her own belief in self-reliance and her staunch opposition to government handouts.

Love—mayor of the small town of Saratoga Springs, Utah—has been widely spotlighted as a pol who's going places in the GOP, and she's linked herself closely to GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney. Recently, she served as an official surrogate for Romney on a campaign swing through Nevada, and she MC'd a fundraiser for him in Utah last Tuesday. Though a child of immigrants, Love has embraced much of her party's tough stance on immigration. She has implied that she would back deporting the US-born children of illegal immigrants so as not to reward "bad behavior." Yet by Love's own account, she is what Republicans derisively call an "anchor baby"— someone born to immigrant parents specifically to game the immigration system and secure legal status for family members.

Love doesn't talk about this aspect of her family's immigration story now that she's running for Congress, but she once said in a little-noticed interview that her birth on US soil helped bring her siblings to America. In January 2011, Love told the Deseret News that her parents, Jean Maxime and Marie Bourdeau, came to New York in the 1970s, fleeing poverty and looking for a better life. Love said that her parents immigrated legally, but were forced to leave their two young children behind in Haiti because their visa didn't allow them to bring the kids.

The Mother Jones article conveniently does not link to the original DesNews article, but I have it here.   In the DesNews article the claims about an obscure immigration law expiring were not quoted or in any way attributed to love, something the Mother Jones article strongly implies. 

The rest of the agenda media has dutifully lined up to run with the story that "anti-immigration immigrant" Mia Love is some an anchor baby - knowing full well that the term stems from the practice of ILLEGAL Immigrants who come to the US for the express purpose of giving birth on US Soil so that their citizen child will not be sent home.  Mayor Love's parents did not come here illegally.  They didn't need an anchor, they had their visas and they certainly could - in time - have filed for their children to join them here legally and without having another child.

So the accusation lies out there - Love lied about her family history.  Let's take a trip in the way back machine - back to April of last year where it was first reported in Boston that Senatorial Candidate Elizabeth Warren falsely claimed to be Native American.  The agenda media  dutifully ignored and or repeated the excuses for the inaccurate claims.  Was Mother Jones hot on the trail of this personal history fabrication?  Oh heavens no!  They were too busy defending Warren from the big bad Boston Herald. 

And while this is certainly not unexpected....a left leaning media outlet trashing a GOP candidate and protecting a's almost de rigueur for today's print media.  However it is an indication of just how much they fear a conservative minority in general and Mayor Love in particular.  Especially when the campaign announces that internal polling (insert usual caveat about polling here) that shows the challenger with a healthy 51%-36% lead with 13% undecided.  Now the internals of the poll have not been released so we don't know what methodology was used other than the sample size was 400 likely voters.  However, it would have been a lot easier to write off the poll results as just another over sampled to favor the person paying the bill poll if Mother Jones had not come out the same day with such a ham handed attack.

Democrats are indeed afraid of losing this seat.  I said back at the time, that Matheson's choosing to run in the new 4th was a gamble he could easily loose.  Now, it looks like this just may be the case.


Written by LL.