Those Racist Republicans

Quiz time.

Which Republican radio talk show host  called US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice¨resident house Negro,¨? 

Which GOP cartoonist drew cartoons of her calling herself a "House Nigga"?

Which Republican called Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner a "House Slave"?

Answers after the jump.

Answers -

1) noted Republican Neil Rogers said that about CONDALEEZA Rice back in 2002.

2) syndicated editorial cartoonist Ted Rall published a cartoon in 2004 depicting CONDALEEZA Rice "I was Bush's beard.  His house nigga."

3) The "house slave" epithet was not leveled at Tim Geithner, but at the Secretary of State Colin Powell and was hurled by fellow African American Harry Belafonte.

Meanwhile, no Republican talk show hosts, editorial cartoonists or celebrity has said anything of the like about Susan Rice, Timothy Geithner or even President Obama.

So the next time you hear the charge of racism being leveled against the GOP, take a look back at these statements and realize who the real racists are.....the Democrats who want you to believe they are on your side are actually the ones putting you down.  Again......



Written by LL.