You've Come A Long Way Baby

That was the advertising slogan for Virgina Slims cigarettes (a brand that was marketed just to women) back in the day.  The commercial, peppered with a healthy dose of women's liberation and feminism,  targeted young, urban, professional women.  It became a rallying cry for the movement for a short time....until smoking became taboo.

That phrase came to mind yesterday when I saw this picture from the Obama Campaign's Tumblr site:


We have come so far, that we have come full circle.  No longer are women thought of as competent individuals with brains and something to contribute to the world, we are back to being thought of as simply sexual objects.  Bravo to the genius that came up with this.  Because they have shown the Democrats to be the patriarchal misogynists that they truly are.

A friend on Facebook put it best.  I am using my lady-parts...MY vote Obama out!  That sums it up nicely.


Written by LL.