Don't Invite Government In

So Code Pink showed up at the RNC convention last week with a rather interesting approach at protest.

The radical pro-abortion group Code Pink has been doing its best to rain on the Republican convention parade in Tampa.

Two members unsuccessfully attempted to disrupt pro-life vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s speech on Wednesday night, while the rest of the “vagina dancing” and costume-wearing crew has been relegated to the official protest areas outside the Republican convention....

...“Yesterday Code Pink activists were featured at the Planned Parenthood bus stop in Tampa, dressed in full frontal feminist regalia. These vulgar women represent mainstream American women?” Stanek writes, “At first you may now know what you’re looking at. But yes, they’re vaginas. Click to enlarge, if you dare.”

Now, I am child of the '60s. On the ground floor of the "Women's Movement".  One of the biggest points of the movement was to get men to QUIT thinking about women as sexual organs.  What Code Pink's protest does is the one thing that the origins of the women's movement was AGAINST - the objectification of women!

But the picture that says it all.....























RESPECT WOMEN?????  How about you start respecting women?  Women are more than just "sexual organs".  We have brains - we think, we reason.  We see that our food bill has gone up 10% in the last year. 

My friend Ed Morrissey believes that this is going to backfire on the DNC.

Do Democrats still plan to feature a “war on women” theme at their convention?  If they do, I argue in my column today for The Fiscal Times, they may well find themselves hoist with their own petard, after a week of watching accomplished Republican women speaking from the dais in Tampa.  Not only does the emphasis entirely miss the issues about which voters care most in this electoral cycle, the entire argument diminishes women to, well, to exactly what Code Pink reduced them in protests at the GOP convention:

    The message from the Obama campaign and Democrats in general seems to be that women are somehow incapable of finding birth control on their own unless some paternal entity dispenses it to them, despite all evidence to the contrary.  They’re so incapable of this task that employers and schools have to hand it for them, no matter how much income they derive nor how much tuition they manage to pay otherwise.  This has already backfired during Team Obama’s “Life of Julia” campaign, which offered a creepy, solitary vision of a woman’s life approaching that of the song “Eleanor Rigby.”  Former CNN news anchor Campbell Brown wrote in The New York Times  that “Julia” was “a silly and embarrassing caricature based on the assumption that women look to government at every meaningful phase of their lives for help.”

    But it’s even worse than that.  The strategy segregates women from other issues as if they only have deep concern in this election over the status of their genitalia.  This theme came to ludicrous fruition in demonstrations by Code Pink at the Republican convention in Tampa, when activists showed up dressed as gigantic labia.  The scene provided an unintentionally revealing portrait of just how progressives see women in modern American society.

    That is the true risk for Democrats who pursue this strategy.  After three nights of watching successful and accomplished women in the Republican Party discuss economic policy, job creation, and reform of the federal government for deficit and debt reduction, viewers will tune in the following week to see women considered as interested in little more than sexual reproduction.  Voters might well conclude that there is a “war on women,” but that it’s not the Republicans who are waging it.

But to those that want government to stay out of their vagina's, there is a simple solution.  If you don't want other people minding your business, DON'T INVITE THEM IN!  By demanding that your fellow taxpayers pay for what you do with your vagina, you are inviting them in to tell you want to do with it. 

So to Sandra Fluke and her ilk a simple your own birth control and abortions and then the rest of us have no business telling you what to do with your sex life.  Stay out of my wallet and I'll stay out of your bedroom.  Deal?

Written by LL.